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Unmended when first I read “Sandman,”
through light and books an anguish to excise,
girded in a cowl and shield of afghan

I dowsed the shuttered memory of a man
left – in his own flight from radula eyes –
unmended. When first I read “Sandman,”

bare feet pressed sharp scales, primed to shut the span
between the blue and green – anesthetize
and gird. With a cowl and shield of afghan,

I’d turn my fall to flight, in marzipan
drawn out from almond, sculpt out how to rise
and when. Unmended, I first read “Sandman”

with a shadow never still, sense entranced
by light and book. A goldfish-hope implies
that, girded by a cowl and shield of afghan,

I might subsume delight, soar out again
with stitch and gauge precise and harmonized,
ungirded in a cowl and shield of afghan,
and mended past the time I read “Sandman.”

Liner note

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