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As though I’d stepped through a narrow
volume of winter bookended

by plane and bridge, hauling behind me
a suitcase packed for spring, I know

at once: I’ve carried the wrong things
through with me, loaded myself down

with staples and found, in the next world,
staples aplenty. The ax I should have left,

the shovel, too, along with all the cuttings
to kindle and to craft, should not have weighed

my pockets with flint and stone –
they pock the ground on this side, too.

I ought to have brought the rarities, mementoes,
the gears and gems and gold, what’s hard to find
and hard to catch. What comforts. What reminds.

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The 68th Night

All of it came
together as “not only”
with “but also”:
winter and night,
the hammer and the bees,
then an orbit by the fire,
planet’s tether tying
inferno to the void,
supplication, stings,
suspense until the dawn.

And then a snap and summons,
creeping freeze in a beeline
back to the ash and the cooling stone,
to fumble too long with the fuel.
Too late. Too late.

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Lure of knowledge, invention’s
snare, in a sepia flash of smoke and villain
I found myself jettisoned here,
with not even a flint or a flare.

I don’t mind it, though.
I don’t mind the rain,
the cobbles bound
for noplace, the evil
flowers ringing
things I fear to touch.

I don’t mind the bees,
the furious trees, the
frozen or fiery hounds
out from the dusk and the passage of time.

Even the disquiet that’s following twilight,
sinister, seething from shadows
I don’t mind, it’s staved off with
petals and hats,
with taffy and sleep on a mat.

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