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The end of summer lightens
like laundry at last put away, fitted
sheet squared and slipped
between the underside of the wardrobe shelf
and the slate quilt’s practical reserve.

A satisfaction taps the surface there,
breaches like forgotten autumn annuals
returned from seed, stretching with the last
sigh of the last book read, then shelved
with closed-up notebooks from the spring.

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Crowded in and headed down,
a sample from the throng below,
all rushed enough to sigh at every
stop at every floor, makes room

until, fifteen to go,
doors drift apart
to show us Totoro,
(less ears and leaf)
waiting there to board.

A moment then of disbelief,
half for the sight, half for the slightness
of the space within, too small
to let his grey plush bulk inside.

I step aside,
take to the hall, hearing,
as I reach the stairs, “Now, squat and bend.
One step ahead. That’s right.”

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