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No Recording

The sea spreads
steady as sunset, as spilling salt,
as the slow sink of forgetting –

unstoppered moments spiraling
down the drain, sluiced out
with melodies, hair-stroked strings,

undammed and unimpeded
by the star-flash of screens,
by fumble and fiddle.

The precious, ephemeral stillness seeds
a shark-sharp barb I’d have dodged otherwise.
My absent friend: You’ll never hear.

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The suspension bridge could go like seven thousand feet
but it’s seven plus one from here to where I want to be
MC Frontalot, “Floating Bridge

Bitwise, volts like gated salmon rise
past steps triangulated top to toe,
roil and stack to span the demarked gap:

I’m up by my bootstraps,
heel down like a pile against the surf
where barnacles draw down in intertide,

assemble, layerwise, six plates to shelter
fringe that sweeps the sea like
my eyelashes on your cheek,

my hem along the clover.
Stepwise I fly to DCA,
to BOS, to ONT, to wherever

I haven’t been and want to go. Pixelwise
I stitch an eight-bit heart
back to my sleeve, shed all

the detritus of memory petalwise
like a Yoshino in May, with a heliotrope’s
flex, sunwise in the blue.


Liner note

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for #JoCoCruiseCrazy

How easy a state to dismiss, the whole of us
overtired, overexcited, hung over, our footing
undermined by a subtly roiling sea
while we forestall the final
moments of a journey nearly done.

In sixteen hours the last of us
will disembark and scatter, diaspora concurrently
overwrought and insufficient.

Yet none of us, except in jest, in the six
seconds between the end and the applause,
attempts a feint. We together endure six silent,
grieving seconds for a shattered craft
sixteen minutes from home, on the sixth
night we’ve known one another.

Although we didn’t know,
this is all we wanted to bring home.


Liner note

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