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Long as the last
inches before breaking
the surface to breathe,
as a fledgling’s fall
before wings unwind,

long as wakefulness and dread,
the moments between
knock and notice,
or shovels filled and emptied,
between brace and break.

If these were seconds I could shave,
they could curl like the first
trimmed ends, like skins of apples
spiraling down to the gold-ringed plate,
like just-dried paint scraped up from glass
and dusted away from the sill.

Liner note

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I thought I saw you
this morning in the market.
You held a basket of fennel and watercress,
and you plucked the best
of the Brussels from a pile that lay
in the inclined tray
between the turnips and the leeks.

The red’s barely back
to the leaves, and I thought
for a moment the color had come back
to your cheeks.

A particular curl of hair had caught
my eye, and the thoughtful way
thumb and finger tested
the flex of the beans, but it was only

a second before I knew
it wasn’t you. Though, I suppose,
there are worse impossible things
to think I’ve glimpsed among the rows.

Liner note

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