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Sunrises shift by seconds.
My second sojourn here has wound
down the same streets, the same
susurrus sounding like a shell from hand to ear.

This vista doesn’t match my memory,
and whether the fault has anchored itself —
like a fragrant, sorrowing vine that clutches
at its trellis — to my eye, to my mind, to the passage
of time since the year before, or to some
unknown difference in what’s ahead,
I cannot sense.

But either, in their impervious weave
of reed and seedy stem
can carry me from here
to the next ship, the next ascent,
the next return to what I’ve seen before.

Liner note

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For MaxFunCon

The road to my favorite place
begins this way from any direction,
welcoming lanes, warning signs, and glimpses
above of where you’ll be after switching back.

No matter the hours and miles behind me, I’m never
on my way until I feel the engine strain against the incline,
never there until the lanes themselves strain against
the barriers of cliff and precipice – then crest, level,

lay me down the last few miles to my destination.
Here, the Southeast’s temperate forest swapped
for scrub, a destination twice as high, the wink
of upcoming asphalt shirks away, outdone

by the glimpse below of cloud thrown out like a plowed
white field, rows awaiting tending by some species
that might hover there, above the unguarded drop.
Even when the sand and succulents

yield to more familiar bark and leaf,
I’m still elsewhere, undone by hours and miles,
by the welcoming lines of faces waiting,
voices stirring like the breeze from shore.

Liner note

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