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I mattered, alone on the dais,
before the collapse, the fall,
the hobbled horse.

I mattered the way the light matters,
and the sound of a sword,
and smoke from a sigil.

In every step in the sand, I mattered,
and in the wind, in the wing
tipping toward the sky,

in the leap from severed stone,
the shattering symbols,
before I awoke here.

Liner note

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Only gulls should wheel this way, or herons,
platinum wings to dip and split the surf:
blades to invade melon rind in August,
excavate crisp nectar from below.

But this one trails its tips through sand,
glides like the heave of stone sails
shaken out by monumental breeze,
alternating craggy loft and slack
while I measure out the instant for the jump.

The dragon’s luck bests my own.
Steed to wing to silica air,
I’m on the dunes again,
my one sense left the broil
of calf and thigh, the jab
of sandy tines across my knees
as I roll along the shadow.


Liner note

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