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They revamped the airport completely
Now it looks just like a nightclub
Everyone’s excited and confused
– They Might Be Giants, “Man It’s So Loud In Here”

Like the blown-batting memory of a headache
I know was there, can call to mind,
but cannot feel again,
I bundle and belt myself
into my aisle seat,
iPad pocketed, last text sent,
cradled in the memory of terror trickling
through my prescribed haze,
now just a waft of fluttering spore,
occasional, shaken out from shelves
by drops too sharp, jolts too long.
Otherwise, just the fading flash
of light striking a lake,
winking down in my own eyes,
a flare I barely know
how to see around the absence of.

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When you’re following an angel
Does it mean you have to throw your body off a building?
They Might Be Giants, “She’s an Angel

Vanilla butterfly rests on a buff grass bloom,
and in the kitchen, a gyroscope spins

down on a heart-pine table.
On just her feet she waits

on the pinhead between
nothing to lose and everything,

considering the rabbit who can balance
teacups thanks to instinct,

vibrissae that prop the ball
on the sea lion’s snout.

The sense is draining from the sink,
clues caught in the sweep around an eye

that wants to keep things just like this,
a dry calm of not knowing.


Liner note

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