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Pages flex, frames advance,
as their characters, bereft,
dance from edge to edge
while time or magic ferries
a reversal, a resurrection.

Death may have been a robbery,
a shock, a hackneyed grab
for sympathy and sales,

but undone it brings
an infinite cacophony of hope,
of second-guessing, of knowing nods
as the protagonists all stand,
heads bowed in rain,

written around an open grave,
their costars better buried than returned,
better ash than bird.

Liner note

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Briefly immortal in the penumbral
hush of a library –
saved there as memory – in a life unreal
but not unforgotten.

Did those virtual moments,
that shelved span with no knowledge of
TARDIS or Time Lord,
soften their eventual erasure?
The walling off of a stellar existence –
companion to the Doctor –
a life pursued not
as rescue or escape,
but premeditated adventure,
planned and packed for?

Your final disembarkation
to fixed time and dimension
may have left you, again,
just a temp,
too loud, too coarse,
but even then, you’re the only one
(since the Doctor came around again)
not to be besotted, the only
one to have been, briefly,
a Time Lord herself, the
only one without the luxury of memory.


Liner note

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